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Being on his path, André has committed his life to revolutionizing the online animation industry, and then when he's done with that and wipes his hands clean, he will revolutionize the entire animation industry.


This is exactly how you conduct yourself when being interviewed for the job of your dreams. If you follow what I say in this video you are sure to get that "Yes!".

Trying to survive finals week is a pain in the ass. These are some things college students say during finals week. This an example of how we act, unfortunately.

PART 2:                                                                                                              A TRUE STORY, from Doug's high school years. This man is literally the basis of all of our inside jokes, time to make him famous.

What do college students say? - This is another compilation of what us college people say on a daily basis. If you go to college, and live on campus, chances are you've heard some of these before.

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has been animating since he was 10 years old.

He started in "Microsoft Paint" paired with "Windows Movie Maker". He moved into “puppet” or “bone” animation using a program called "Anime Studio 7 Debut" and later upgraded to "Anime Studio Pro". After 4 years of using Anime Studio, he transitioned to using "Adobe Animate", and that is the program he currently uses. 

Andre animates using the “frame by frame” method and is constantly looking to improve his animation skills, and efficiency. Andre directs all aspects of his many animations, from the voice acting sessions to the final products. He is extremely fluent working with editing raw audio into a nicely refined version that is pleasing to the ear. 

He has written and scripted all of his animations, he is constantly working to improve his storytelling, character development, and screenwriting skills. He only accepts the absolute highest in quality possible and will stop at nothing to achieve it.